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Welcome to Clarkston Toll Dental Practice – We offer NHS and Private Dental care to all of our patients in modern, relaxing, air conditioned treatment rooms. Your comfort and experience is our number one priority.

Update January 2022: Please note that restrictions on how dental practices operate has not changed despite the recent relaxation of Covid rules. Please see below for the current position.

We are currently working through our NHS waiting lists for routine examinations. If you require an NHS examination please call the practice to be added to our list- please note if you are a regular patient you will already be on our list. If you have any other dental issue please call us- we have been open since June 2020 (when Dental Practices were allowed to re-open) and are trying our very best to help all of our patients.

An information letter was published from Greater Glasgow and Clyde Chief of Dentistry on 6/8/21 which included the following information:

‘Your dental practice is open, however priority is likely to be given to dental problems that are
emergency or urgent in nature. The backlog of patients owing to the COVID-19 pandemic
and the additional measures required to deliver safe care for patients may result in longer
waiting times for routine care.’

With regard to attendance the following information was provided: ‘As with all indoor spaces, the number of people who can enter a dental practice at any one time has been reduced throughout the pandemic. This is to allow social distancing and for patients to move throughout the practice with as low a risk as possible…..this may also mean you are asked to attend close to your appointment time or wait outside the practice until your appointment time. As changes occur following restrictions moving beyond level zero, further updated guidance will be issued.

In terms of Enhanced Cleaning the following information was provided: ‘Dental practices have always maintained very high standards of cleaning prior to COVID, but there is now an increased need for more frequent cleaning of more areas. This includes all areas that patients can come into contact with such as waiting room chairs, toilets and door handles. This additional cleaning increases the time that staff need between appointments to keep risk for patients as low as possible.’
In terms of spray, droplets and aerosols the following information was provided: ‘A lot of dental care requires the use of instruments that create a lot of spray or aerosols and droplets. This means that the dental team need to wear extra levels of protective equipment and masks which take time to put on and take off. Also, if the dentist uses a drill for example then there is a need to leave a room after the treatment to allow the droplets or spray in the air to pass. This increases the time needed between appointments.’

Current Position at your Dental Practice:

Dear Patient, we appreciate that the pandemic has been a difficult and frustrating time for everyone in terms of accessing dental care. We have been open since June 2020 (when dental practices were allowed to re-open if they felt able to, many practices did not open at this time) and we have been trying exceptionally hard to take care of our patients throughout this period whilst also ensuring a completely safe environment for all. If any patient has had any issue at all during this period we have been able to see them. Due to the limited number of patients Dental Practices can currently see this has resulted in a longer wait for appointments than during normal times. We really appreciate your understanding and we are trying very hard for you as always. If you have any immediate problem please call us- we are here for you.

Thank you.

The Health Secretary made an announcement that ‘NHS Dental services are as available now as they were before the pandemic started’. However, at the present time Dental Practices are unable to see the numbers of patients previously seen due to fallow time (a period a surgery must remain empty following most procedures), enhanced disinfection procedures as well as strict social distancing protocols.

These measures dramatically limit the number of patients that Dental Practices can safely see per day. It is a small fraction of pre-pandemic levels. We have, therefore, been told to still prioritise for emergency or urgent care on the NHS at the present time and we have been provided with NHS PPE for 15 patients per day on this basis. We are also currently working through our NHS examination waiting lists when any appointments become available- we are contacting patients via telephone to confirm these appointments.

We are also able to see a small number of patients per day independently of the NHS (privately) if any of our patients wish to be seen on this basis.

If you have any issues please call us on 0141 638 2944- we are here to help you.

Other Public Announcements:

It was announced on Monday 12th October 2020 that NHS Dentists: ‘from November 1, will be able to provide a full range of treatments to all NHS patients within Dental Practices.’

However, in a letter sent from the Chief Dental Officer to all NHS Dental Practices on 12th October 2020 it stated: ‘a return to pre-COVID levels of patient volume will NOT be achievable under the current health protection measures‘. It also stated: ‘This is NOT business as usual’. Due to social distancing requirements, the need for stringent and thorough cleaning between patients and also the fallow time (the time we need to leave the surgery room empty after using our aerosol generating equipment before we can re-enter and deep clean) a return to routine NHS Dental Care for all NHS Dental Practices in Scotland is still not imminent, unfortunately.

We are closely following the ever changing guidance during this period. Our Chief Dental Officer and National Clinical Director advised that Dental Practices were able to provide aerosol generating treatment (anything involving drilling/scaling) from 17th August 2020 onwards and that routine care was possible from 1st November 2020 – however, this still must be prioritised for emergency or urgent dental care under the NHS.

A return to routine dental care for all of our patients is still some time away, unfortunately.

We are also able to offer care independently (privately) for a small number of patients per day if any of our patients decide to choose this option during this period. This can be provided for treatment that is necessary.

We have been extremely careful to put robust policies and protocols in place to ensure safety for our patients and staff- patient and staff safety is always our number one priority. Indeed, we have invested heavily to ensure safety for all.

If you have a dental issue please call us for advice or to make an appointment on 0141 638 2944.

The safety of our patients and staff is of paramount importance to us at all times.

Please go to our Covid 19 page for further information.


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At Clarkston Toll Dental Practice we firmly believe in the National Health Service 

We believe it is an excellent service. 

Our promise to you is that we will NEVER leave the NHS as other dental practices have done.

We can also offer our patients a full range of private and cosmetic treatments.

Procedures such as tooth whitening, veneer, bridges and implants are frequently provided and are available to all our patients.

Our EXCEPTIONALLY low prices for PRIVATE white fillings and crowns on back molar teeth start from just £59. Our prices for private white crowns start at just £295.

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