Covid-19 Update 17/8/20

Dear Patient, your safety is our number one priority.

We are now able to carry out aerosol generating procedures (drilling or scaling) on the NHS but this is for urgent dental care only (acute pain/dental emergency) during this period. We are bound by the terms of the NHS and are not allowed to carry out routine care involving aerosol generating equipment on the NHS at this stage.

However, we are now able to offer treatment that is necessary using aerosol generating equipment for any of our patients independently (privately) if any of our patients wish to choose this option at this stage. Please call us on 0141 638 2944 if you wish to discuss the options available to you at this stage.

Currently we are able to see patients face to face for pain, urgent dental care and some routine care on the NHS (that can be done without our aerosol generating equipment).

Appointments for routine examinations/scalings are still not possible at this stage unfortunately. A thorough dental examination requires the use of our 3 in 1 air/water syringe (which is aerosol generating) to dry teeth in order to examine all surfaces clearly. We feel that until we are able to use our 3 in 1 routinely then we are unable to do a comprehensive examination for our patients. Therefore we are not actively booking in examinations at this time.

We have been extremely careful to put robust measures in place to ensure safety for our patients and staff- we have been very careful and deliberately taken our time because patient and staff safety is always our number one priority.

We will be following strict protocols and social distancing rules and we have been working hard to prepare the practice to offer a safe environment for all.

Please do not attend the practice without an appointment – we are not allowed to open the door to you without a pre-arranged appointment/screening.

If you are having a dental emergency or require advice please call us on 0141 638 2944 between the hours of 9am & 1pm and 2pm & 6pm (5pm on a Friday).

Take care and keep safe